Upcoming Sale

Upcoming Sale

A special heads up for our newsletter or blog readers...

We have moved our US workshop from Hoboken to Brooklyn and our Barcelona has moved down the road. That means that we have been able to sort thru many of our old components to create some shoes especially for a sale.

As you know, nothing goes to waste at Sevilla Smith, so our US shoemakers (Keiko, Fossey, Bonnie, Paola, and Marianthi) are busy trying to make as many shoes as possible using all the components and old leathers. 

Most are made on old versions of our outsoles, without channels or without rubber insets, even our wedge heels.  The evolution of Sevilla Smith is on full display and even though we have improved since, these outsoles are still wonderfully better than most we ever see!

Pricing will be at cost because we cannot afford to tie up storage in expensive New York City or in the scant 500 square feet we have in Barcelona so everything has to go....so roughly around $200.  Most everything has been made into Liz mules becuase we find that people can go 1 or 2 sizes up with no problem at all and this style is especially classic and versatile.  All shoes are already in the US, so not available for our European community as they need to be reimported.  But they are available everywhere else in the planet!

So stay tuned on Instagram for when we announce the sale...will likely be around early July if we can swing it.

Meanwhile, shhhh...and congrats for being in the know ;)

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