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The Joan is inspired by the classic espardenyes seen in Catalan history.  A wrapped style that makes it easy to fit and alter how you like to create a unique pair.

This style comes with a 150cm ribbon strap measured to wrap around the ankle 1 time and can be trimmed if needed.

Our new method of shoemaking has a double layer stitched back seam to provide heel structure without gripping the ankle. 

Made with our own olive leaf tanned cow leather from the Northern Spain.

These shoes are hand cut and hand dyed, so variations are usual and we believe add to the uniqueness of a handmade shoe.

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Character: This is veg tan cow leather made especially for us.  Like a favorite sweatshirt, this leather is thick and supple with a smooth surface.

Care: We suggest saddle soap for cleaning and a cream based leather conditioner from a local cobbler is best to keep leather strong.  Make sure to test a small area first.

Provenance: This leather is from a tannery in the northern Pamplona region of Spain.  The hides are sourced from just 5 hours away in Asturias to minimize salt and water usage.  The tannery is fully audited and Gold Rated against LWG standards.

The tannin solution used is formulated in Germany by OlivenLeder, olive leaf waste from European olive oil industry.  The tannin is metal free and synthetic/crude-oil free, 100% biobased content.  Dermatest rated Excellent, CradletoCradle certified Gold, and Platinum rating for Material Health.

There are inherent variations in natural leathers, handmade manufacturing, and local sourcing.  Color and texture variations can vary within the same hide.  Different monitors can also display colors differently.  You may indicate any preferences in tone or texture in the Notes to Shoemaker section if you are looking for something specific so we can do our best to accomodate.

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Most people wear a varied range of sizes amongst brands.
Please refer to the size suggestion in the listing of the shoe (BELOW the size selector).
FOR ROUNDTOES AND MULES: the LARGEST of your size range amongst other brands is recommended
FOR ALMOND TOE SHOES: the USUAL size you wear amongst other brands is best
Your size range typically gives insight to the needs of your feet.  For example, your smallest size typically indicates your length, while the largest size you wear can give insight to the movement or volume of your feet.
Our size recommendations by style are guided by the pattern of the shoe and what keeps them most comfortable and secure.
***EU size/ US size/ UK Size/Length of insole***
35EU/5-5.5US/2.5-3UK/up to 231mm
36EU/6US/3.5-4UKUK/up to 236mm
37EU/6.5-7US/4.5-5UK/up to 244mm
38EU/7.5US/5.5-6UK/up to 249mm
39EU/8-8.5US/6.5-7UK/up to 257mm
40EU/9-9.5US/7.5-8UK/up to 266mm
41EU/10-10.5US/8.5-9UK/up to 271mm
42EU/11-11.5US/9.5-10UK/up to 279mm
43EU/10-10.4US MENS/9.5-10UK
44EU/11-11.5US MENS/10.5-11UK
45EU/12US MENS/11.5UK
46EU/13US MENS/12.5UK
To be honest, the length measurement is not truly the best indicator of your shoe size as each foot has such 3dimensional needs.

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