Creating community with information...5 TOPICS

Creating community with information...5 TOPICS

In the end of much sole searching (damn, I can't help the pun), I decided that I need to be more focused with what I add to this laundry basket called social media. I want to create content that is not just about shoes. In short, I WANT A COMMUNITY BACK.

I want you to be able to come to this space even if you don't have or will never even purchase our shoes. I want our feed to have information and inspiration relevant to a community of people based on something other than a purchasing of our shoes. I want crafters, entrepreneurs, PoC, women, people who move to foreign countries, leather workers, people who know nothing about leather care, people looking to laugh, people mad at the state of the world, people who like to travel, and people who can't and all sorts of identities to find something in our feed worth perusing.

So we decided to be more focused on what we do here....The 5 big subjects I want to tackle each week are INFORMATION, VALUES, PROCESS, PRODUCTS, and finally, RANDOM FUN.
So if you can find the time, please do drop us a line below or to with any questions or ideas you want covered! It can be about living life abroad to how to source leather or even sharpen a knife....anything goes!

We begin a new feed next week and we'd love to be as reflective of the community here.
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