Shoe Construction

Each Sevilla Smith shoe is lasted by hand, which means that the leather of each shoe is painstakingly pulled and nailed at more than 75 points to create the beautiful shape of the shoe.  As opposed to factory machine lasted shoes which pull the leather at such a force as to break the leather fibers and stop it from further molding to your foot, a hand lasted shoe allows the leathers to be able to form to the needs of your feet once you wear them.  We also make the shoes in as minimal way as possible with none of the thermoplastic stiffeners you typically see in the toe or heel of factory made shoes which are placed for aesthetics but also is the culprit of many blisters.  I feel like this ability to mold to your foot is critical to making a comfortable and unique shoe.
Here are some other bits of information on my shoe construction....
-Made in the USA or Barcelona, depending on where I am living at the moment and our workload.  I have a wonderful group of independent shoemakers (mostly women!) who help me make shoes.
-stitch free uppers so leathers can mold to your feet
-no toe and heel stiffeners for total unobstructed comfort
-Insole and Midsole made from prime leather which molds to your feet over time
-Soles are always sewn or clinched with handmade brass nails (not just glued!) and are made with 6-10 iron vegetable tanned sole leather.
-Cork filled soles for added comfort and antibacterial properties
-Shank free! This allows for a natural foot flexibility.
-I don't use super toxic Rubber or Contact Cements on any portions other than on the rubber at the very bottom, I only use glues which are toluene free for allergy/toxicity concerns.