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The dreamiest t-straps.

Faye brought my favorite childhood shoe back to me! Unendingly comfortable like all Sevilla Smiths, even while rocking them with an open heel blister caused by a pair of stiffened shoes (will I ever learn my lesson?). Ever so slightly tight in the toe in my standard size with the insoles in, but I know they'll be absolutely perfect once they start to soften up with a few wears. I'm so happy!

so in love

I seriously could not love these shoes more- every time I wear them I get so many compliments! Comfortable, stylish and easy to dress up or down. I am usually between and 8.5/9, I went with the 40- fit perfectly!

The Lila. Troncato Porpora, Volonato Ocre, Troncato Agave strap
My favorite shoes!!

I love these shoes SO MUCH! I have notoriously hard to fit feet (flat, narrow, bony) and have had absolutely no issues with these beauties. The leather is soft but it's still a structured shoe -- honestly the best of both worlds. And they really are gorgeous shoes -- I get compliments on them all the time. This is my first pair of Sevilla Smith shoes but I can guarantee you it won't be the last. Also, I almost never write reviews -- that's how much I love these shoes. Thank you, Faye & the Sevilla Smith team! :)


I don’t usually take the time to write reviews unless I 100% feel like you need to know my opinion.

The face is this shoe company is a 10/10 all around. I’m a sucker for handmade goods because I love how it usually allows you to meet the artist directly.

Although this is an online store - the customer service is AMAZING. I’ve had to email customer support for help and got connected with Faye. I didn’t know who she was at first until I took a good look at my shoe bag - the blurb was signed off by “Faye and all.”

As a customer nothing makes me feel better than knowing someone from the company actually cares…. Let alone the person who cares is on a managerial position.

Anyways, I’m not guaranteeing your shopping experience. Just saying, they care about what they create and how it’s releasing into the world. I feel like my shoes a piece of art.

Thank you!

Comfort + Perfection as always

The Liz is my second pair of Sevilla smiths. They are PERFECTION (like my sandies).

Elegant, classic, comfortable, trendy, and beautifully crafted.

Did I mention ridiculously comfortable? I waited a long time to actually purchase these to make sure this is what I wanted, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Thank you SO much. I’m extremely happy.

The Sandy. Troncato Miele

love it


this is my 3rd pair of SS shoes. wow, WOW! these karinas in brazil cuoio are insanely beautiful. i will be wearing these for years to come, just like my other two pairs. thank you for your craftsmanship, stunning.

Gorgeous but not that comfortable

I absolutely love my shoes - I bought two pairs and as far as beauty, style & craftsmanship goes they are 5 stars. My issue is that they are not particularly comfortable to me. I find them to be very 'hard' and the top outer part digs into where my foot meets my ankle. Because of the opening on the inner side I am not sure an insole will work though I am going to try. They are also incredibly snug so I am not sure if an insole will make them even tighter. I can walk for a while in them but after an hour or so my feet really start to ache. I've been wearing them for about a month now so I think they are about as worn in as they will get. I still love them though they are not the wear constantly every day shoes I had hoped they would be.

The Sandy. Ibiza Lipstick Gloveskin
Anna L.
Compliment magnet

These shoes are my fifth pair from Faye. Quality is superb as always and the red glove skin leather is gorgeous. They don’t need any breaking in at all. I’m a solid size 8 and I got the 38, which is perfect. I had a hard time deciding on the size since I’m at the cusp according to her size chart. Faye responded and gave great advice (some models can be a little bit bigger while others should be more snug). If in doubt measure your feet and email her.

Fell in love

I was so skeptical to love these shoes because my feet are wide, the backs of my feet get irritated by most flats and I was worried that putting these on would be kind of weird. I was wrong on all accounts! The second time I wore the shoes I could slip into them easily and they had already started conforming to my feet. I can tell now that these are incredibly comfortable shoes that I will be wearing for a lifetime! So thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend these. Also, I live in the tropics and sweat a lot, but these hold up really well. Buy them already!

The Liz. Volonato Cuoio. 3cm
Liz A.
Fits my semi-wide foot perfectly

Did I pick the Liz because my name is Liz? Maybe :) But also I have been searching and searching for the perfect low mule and hadn't been having a ton of luck because my foot runs a bit wide. After consulting with Faye (who is SO lovely) I sized up to the largest size I wear and there are not words enough to tell you how absolutely perfect the fit is. I am floored! It's always been so hard to find ladylike shoes for my wide, big foot. Then, of course there is the beautiful quality, every detail is so well done and gorgeous. 5 stars hardly seems enough. Thank you for making my shoe dreams come true! <3

Chic and comfortable!

I absolutely love my Sandy shoes. The quality is amazing and the style is so chic and so timeless. Highly recommend these shoes and any Sevilla Smith shoes!

The Audrey. Volonato Cuoio.
Emily Dirksen
Love these!

The Audreys are my fourth pair of Sevilla Smith shoes, and perhaps my favorite! They show just enough skin on the foot to make them appear narrower and shorter, and the leather holds your feet in to feel very secure. The heel height is perfect too! Thanks Faye!

READY MADE: SIZE 39 WIDE. The Sandy. Marine.
Sylvia Ly

READY MADE: SIZE 39 WIDE. The Sandy. Marine.

dream shoes

I went back and forth for a long time trying to decide if/when to invest in a pair of Sandys. I finally did and have never loved a pair of shoes so much. Mine are the raider mokka leather and it is amazingly thick and soft. I adore the thick leather. It feels substantial and luxurious and supportive and the shape of my toes doesn’t show through. I love the unique cut of the shoe and the fact that they go with everything. They’re great with skinny jeans and dresses and I know they’ll be perfect with shorts this summer. The leather stretches perfectly for what feels like a custom fit. I usually wear a 6.5/7, have a semi wide foot, and the 36 was a great fit! They were a smidge tight when I took this picture but have since loosened up perfectly. Thank you, Faye (and anyone else involved), for these shoes! I hope to wear them for many years to many places. They’re an investment, but one I feel good about for several reasons.

Also, Faye was insanely patient with me and helpful throughout the decision-making and ordering process.

I’ve also had a pair of Terilyns. Also amazing. Maybe not as versatile for my particular wardrobe but such a dream to wear. The perfect bootie.

The Sandy. Troncato Pomerol
The ultimate everyday shoe

The Sandy seemed like the slip-on-and-go shoes that I need, so after stalking these beautiful shoes for a long while, I finally took the plunge when the Maine Violet was unveiled. The shoes are beautifully made, and I would wear them every day if I could.

The customer service is wonderful. I went down a size from my typical size, but the Sandy was still slightly loose around the heel. Not a huge deal. Since these are not custom made, I don’t expect a perfect fit; even then, I walked for a while on the first wear through a big box store and at times forgot I had shoes on...they are really comfortable. Faye patiently answered my questions and worked with me on solutions for an even better fit. After wearing them for a couple of weeks, I can say that fit even better now, and they work well on both weekdays and weekends.

The Terilyn. Oregon Salmon. 3cm
Natalie Stevens
Love them!

So comfortable and much more durable than I was expecting. I wear them all the time in cold and salty weather and a year later they still look at good as the day I got them. I was hesitant to order the color called "salmon" but they were exactly the color I was looking for.

The Sandy. Tamponato Grey
Love!! But a word of caution to those with pronated feet!

The shoes are hands down amazing and look supremely elegant. But for those of you with pronated feet, know that without the support on the inside of your foot, your heels can turn inwards and with time cut into the sole a bit. I'm good only for a few hours with these and tend to wear them only to special events as opposed to daily wear. I love these shoes and there's nothing wrong with them, but have found the Karina and Mussenden models to work better on my flat feet.


These are my absolute favorites. The Volanato Ocre as a thicker leather offers a bit more support around my pronated feet. As a flat-footed person my arches do tire after a couple of hours but these are otherwise perfectly comfortable and just worth it overall for the beauty and craftsmanship. Recently wore these to the NYC Ballet on a warmer winter's day and my feet looked and felt so elegant. I wear US 7, EU 37, and SS 36. Waiting for spring to come so I can wear these more regularly as they work best on bare feet.


Love the custom option! I went with Mauve and Elbamatt Burgundy. The combo is divine and the craftsmanship exactly what you should expect: exceptional. I typically wear US size 7, EU 37, but have found SS 36 to be perfect for truly wearing like glove on bare feet. Size 37 just had a tad too much wiggle room. As a person with pronated feet I find I can't wear these day in and day out, but they are still very comfortable and the prettiest shoes I own.

Beautiful, soft leather, sturdy sole, and very streamlined.

Beautiful, soft leather, sturdy sole, and very streamlined.

I bought these to wear as a bridesmaid in a friend's...

I bought these to wear as a bridesmaid in a friend's upcoming wedding; at least that was my excuse for allowing myself something so beautiful and with so little daily utility. To avoid too much wear and tear on the metallic leather, I'll probably save these for special occasions, but they're comfortable enough that I'd otherwise be happy to put them on daily rotation. Aside from being the loveliest shoes I own (perfect for traipsing around Rivendell) and comfortable to boot (no pun intended), I love that these were built to be repaired rather than replaced. Customer service was also really wonderful—the seller was very responsive and prioritized my order to ensure that it arrived in time for the wedding.

These shoes are absolutely amazing and just what I’ve been...

These shoes are absolutely amazing and just what I’ve been looking for. I wear a solid size 8 with narrow feet and the 38 is perfect. Thank you for making such beautiful shoes!

Beautiful shoes. I love the leather, the style and the...

Beautiful shoes. I love the leather, the style and the comfort. I didn’t notice it in the photos, but the wedge heel has kind of angular cuts which makes it an even more unique shoe. I’ll definitely be getting more now that I’ve confirmed my size! Absolutely recommend.

Lovely as usual. This is my fourth pair!

Lovely as usual. This is my fourth pair!