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How much can I customize?
I do not do made~to~measure (see below). Changes in leather options, width accomodations, and heel heights can be done with any Hand Made To Order/CUSTOM shoes. I can also change some of the patterns on the shoes, but only when time permits, but feel free to ask (keep in mind the general design and aesthetic of my shoes). CUSTOM shoes are handmade to order, so go ahead and wander beyond the masses and reflect your style.

Why don't you do made~to~measure/bespoke?
There are so many measurements that need to be taken properly for a true made to measure shoe. This is best done in person and then a shoe last made specifically. This service is done by others I can recommend. I can give you some recommendations. 

Can you accomodate wide or narrow feet?
While I don't carry wide or narrow shoe lasts, I can usually accomodate wide needs by changing the width of the footbed and altering how much I stretch the leathers across the width. This works many times, but not all. Please select the WIDE LASTING option if you need an adjustment and include the info on the Notes To Seller in the order.

How long til I get my shoes?
The 'Shipping Policy' section
always shows the most current information and can vary from 2 weeks til 6 weeks.
Actual SHIPPING time depends on the Fedex/USPS option you choose. Standard is 2-3 business days domestically. 3-5 Business days Internationally.  Time with Customs for International Orders are beyond our control.

Return Policy?
see here on Returns or Exchanges

Why no toe and heel stiffeners?
I make my shoes for being absolutely at ease, both thru design and comfort. Toe and Heel stiffeners (often factory made of plastic, fiberglass, and cardboard) have always bothered my feet, maybe not at first, but eventually I always feel that toe box rubbing the joints of my toes, wrapping bandaids to help cushion them. The stiff heel cups of other shoes often give me blisters. So, I make the shoes that I love living in. Over time, the toes and heels have a more relaxed look, but are absolutely heavenly to wear.

Why don't you have any upper stitching in your shoes?
Stitching stops a leather from stretching. And also many areas that get stitched have to be folded over making 3-4 layers of leather. I think these are the main culprits for uncomfortable shoes that don't mold to your foot. If two pieces need to come together, I use rivets that allow the leather to stretch.

Why don't you line your shoes?
See above on stitching, also the underside of leather wicks moisture out, while the top side naturally is a little more repellant. This makes for a nicely breathable environment for the foot. A double layer inhibits the process.

What leathers do you use?
I use leathers from all over the world, mostly European. I try to pick leathers that have character and nuances. So each shoe has subtle differences.

Sizing Chart

Should I get a Wide?
See here

Are there customs/duty fees?
No customs fees for US orders regardless of where I am currently travelling.  

Typically there are customs/duty fees for all orders delivered outside the US.  All orders are shipped from the US. The purchaser is responsible for paying the customs fees. 

Read about the construction of my hand lasted shoes here.