Extended belt sizing

Extended belt sizing


The Marisol bag is making a comeback by popular demand, along with the new Clara pouch bag and first ever belts are making their debut tomorrow!

This release is all about colors, a rainbow of leather from the past few years! And EXTENDED SIZING with the belts.... FOR FREE! As is, the belts go from 27" to 38"/41" depending on which, but we also have a few dozen extensions which add 7-13" if you need it! The extensions are a free add on, but we only have about 20, so will go to the first ones requesting.

This is part of our Zero Waste Goals using all our offcuts and old leathers for anything we can make. And in an effort to expand the access to slow fashion handmade goods, we release these at cost. These are made by Ramiro in a small factory in Barcelona.  

(Special Thank YOU to @textile.mixologist for her always amazing and colorful styling that captures our goods so well!)


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