Tannins and Veg Tan

Tannins and Veg Tan
Cow hides transform to beautiful leather once they are tanned. There are various metal and chemical tanning agents, but we prefer vegetable tannins for many ecological, aesthetic, breathability, and even scent reasons.
These are ground mimosa, quebracho, chestnut, and tara... a proprietary recipe is what distinguishes one tannery from another. The patina that often develops are the tannins coming closer to surface so can be a orangey or reddish or beige hue depending on tannin.
My personal favorite is tara tannin, extracted from a shrub native to South America. It has a pleasant almost milky smell, and tans leather with a very soft hand and a lighter color, so is used in tanning leathers to lighter shades.
Beauty is beyond the final product, but also in the making.
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