The Donna Vessel and Women.... Inspiration during pandemic

The Donna Vessel and Women.... Inspiration during pandemic

Oh gawd... damn this pandemic.

I look in the mirror for 100 days straight being home.  I should have never brought this damn mirror home from the workshop.  Why'd we even have one there anyways.  Oh, to spy on the random illegal activities happening on our little medieval street.

There are curves and dimples in my body that I am certain have been there in perpetuity....but I never really looked at them.  After a hot and heavy romance with a jar of yeast called Betty Bubbles, I find myself a bit more dimply than last time I used one  But then again, it has been a solid 2 decades since I owned a mirror.

All the while that this body scrutiny was happening, I was also analyzing Sevilla Smith.  What were we going to do?  How do we respond to a pandemic which makes the outdoors, social events, and general shoe wearing less likely?  I am responsible for several shoemakers now.  We need to keep our livelihoods.  So homegoods.... that's what it'll be.  After all, I have never spent so much time shopping for pots and pans, rugs and sheets, as I have in this time. 

Do you even know how much time I spent looking at carbon steel woks and how to care for them?...way too much, that I know.

Also flowers.  I've never spent so much time thinking about flowers.  The outdoors.  Something pretty.  Something that felt a bit social.  I mean, have you ever seen just 1 flower in a vase....they always hang out with another, like even their buddy, Baby's Breath...and no one really want to hang out with them.

That's an idea...a vessel to hold flowers.  But wait, I'm a shoemaker.  What in the world kind of vase is a shoemaker going to make?  Leather...ok....experiment time.


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