One may take a look at our dustbags that come w every pair and think...sure, great! But let me talk about our dustbags a bit....
The bags are sourced in Italy and made with recycled biodegradeable fibers. I'm so fortunate to have met the owner during one of my trips looking for leather in Milan. We have to wait until a larger order gets placed so the cloth can be made before they can fill our smaller quantities (and why our bag colors sometime change). It's a great way to tag behind a larger brand to land on a good price and get a great product. 
The construction was done to save as many resources as possible. Each bag is stitched down the center, eliminating the need for paper to wrap each shoe to separate and protect them, while making all our packages that much lighter for shipping. And that simple stitch makes it easier to use our bags for travel and storage by keeping well tread soles from damaging the upper of it's lifelong partner.
The bags are also printed with the details about clinch nails, fit, and resoling to save the added piece of paper in each package likely to be lost quickly, giving you time to read the valuable info when you get your shoes or at a later time.
(The new Fairfax stitched mule in Ibiza Nero)
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