The Fairfax....Tree and Inspiration

The Fairfax....Tree and Inspiration
Last summer I received a gorgeous bag from Tree @treefairfax ... it was once of those times you really feel the heart and soul poured into a product. Simple and well thought is no easy task to achieve.
I typically stay away from stitches in footwear as they meant blisters and leather that won't comply to my sensitive feet. But the stitching in Tree's bags reminded me that stitches were not the culprit, but the placement. So I wanted to incorporate and highlight the beauty of handmade stitches without having them interfere with the natural folds of the foot.
Available asymmettrically sewn, or not...and also available to me made in any of our current leathers.
Now available on the website.
#makermuses #handmadeisluxury #slowfashionmovement #sevillasmith

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